Don’t Support Amnesty International + Plus Making A Case For Extraordinary Rendition

Despite the fact Amnesty International does some good around the world, they’re also a far left-wing group that is implacably hostile to America

That’s why I don’t think conservatives should support AI in any way. That’s where I stand. But, interestingly enough, the reverse doesn’t seem to be true because Amnesty International has bought an ad on RWN.

The ad is a lame little connect-the-dots video they really didn’t put much effort into. Some of the “dots” have nothing to do with the point of the ads and they just got lazy at the end and didn’t even have words to go with the images.

Their complaint is that terrorism suspect, Maher Arar, was captured in the United States and sent back to his home country of Syria where he claims to have been tortured.

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The practice of capturing people like Maher Arar and sending them back to their home countries to be interrogated, after we receive promises that they will not be mistreated or tortured, is called extraordinary rendition.

Since the American court system is poorly equipped to deal with foreigners who are suspected of terrorist activities based on classified intelligence data and since sending them off to Gitmo can sometimes be a big political problem (In Arar’s case, he is a Syrian AND Canadian citizen), extraordinary rendition seems like a very reasonable way to deal with the issue without having to compromise our security.

If Arar is innocent (He admits that he confessed to the Syrians that he went through an Al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan) and if he was tortured in Syria (which is entirely possible), then take it up with them, not us. They’re the ones who may have kept an innocent man in jail for a year and may have tortured him.

Whatever the case may be with Arar, extraordinary rendition is a useful tool in the war on terror and it should continue.

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