Don’t Trash All Muslims Because Of The Actions Of The Terrorists

As a general rule, I don’t like to tear into other bloggers — uh, scratch that — I don’t like to tear into other conservative bloggers. After all, there are already hordes of liberal bloggers out there and that’s their shtick. But when I read something as bigoted, offensive, and just plain ignorant as this post at the Right Wing Howler, I feel compelled to step up and say something. This is just ridiculous:

“Some English youths must not have liked what happened on 7-7. Yesterday they killed a Muslim man in Nottingham.

Oh, well.

…The sheetheads want it to be called an “Islamophobic” killing.

…this will be nothing more than another excuse for MOOS-lims to stay at home, strike, protest, kill more people—whatever.

It’s time to play “cowboys and muslims” for real and end this crap.”

So not only is this cretin basically taking a “Muslims, terrorists, what’s the difference” sort of attitude, he’s actually shrugging off the murder of an innocent man and goes on to advocating violence against “sheetheads:” “It’s time to play “cowboys and muslims.”

That sort of thinking is repellant to any decent person and it’s particularly insulting to loyal American Muslims and our Muslim allies across the world. Just look at Iraq & Afghanistan, where there are Muslim policemen and soldiers fighting, bleeding, and dying right beside of our troops in the war on terrorism.

Then there’s Spain, where there are Muslims who’ve issued a Fatwa against Osama Bin Laden:

“The ruling by the Islamic Commission of Spain, the main body representing the nation’s one million Muslims, came on the eve of the first anniversary of the Madrid train bombings, which were linked to the al-Qa’eda network.

The fatwa said that, in accordance with the Koran, “the terrorist acts of Osama bin Laden and his organisation al-Qa’eda… are totally banned and must be roundly condemned as part of Islam.”

Then, let’s look to Afghanistan where a wounded SEAL was taken in by a Muslim village:

“After taking the SEAL to Sabari-Minah, Gulab called a village council and explained that the American needed protection from Taliban hunters. It was the SEAL’s good fortune that the villagers were Pashtun, who are honor-bound never to refuse sanctuary to a stranger. By then, said Gulab, “the American understood that we were trying to save him, and he relaxed a bit.”

The Taliban was not so agreeable. That night the fighters sent a message to the villagers: “We want this infidel.” A firm reply from the village chief, Shinah, shot back. “The American is our guest, and we won’t give him up as long as there’s a man or a woman left alive in our village.”

How about the Muslims in Kuwait who’re sick and tired of their Imams running down America?

“The Al-Siyasah newspaper has received news that several mosques in Kuwait have begun to exhibit a new phenomenon manifested in the rejection by worshippers of extremist prayers expressed by some of the Imams during their Khutbah [friday prayer]. These prayers included invitations to fight the Americans and to become more hostile towards them. An example of this [phenomenon] was when Nabil al-Awadi, who is an Imam at one of the mosques in the southern region of Al-Surrah, began preaching against the Americans in his last Friday Khutbah. As a result, the people at prayer cut off his speech and demanded that he stop talking. Additionally, the worshippers at the mosque of Aisha Shabib in the Al-Jabiriyah neighborhood shouted, ‘O’ Allah, make Islam and America stronger’ in response to what the Imam of that mosque had said during friday prayer about America and the current war [in Iraq].”

Oh, but they’re all “MOOS-lims” & “sheetheads.” How foolish can you be?

Look, here’s what it all comes down to:

You want to slam terrorists and their radical Islamist supporters, go ahead, they deserve it. You want to lay into radical Imams, great. You want to complain that “moderate” Muslims don’t speak out against terror as often or as loudly as they should? Wonderful.

But, don’t treat more than a billion people, many of whom are our allies in the war on terror and friendly to this country, as if they’re little Osama Bin Laden wannabes because it’s bigoted, it’s unfair, and it’s wrong.

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