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According to an active member of the movement, there are now more than 4,000 volunteers in all 50 states ready to work full-time to make [Fred] Thompson the next president. An additional 6,000 are expected shortly.

One of the reasons a Thompson candidacy is so appealing is because of his successful career in Hollywood. His ability to perform reminds many of the overwhelming support Ronald Reagan had from both Republicans and Democrats.

Thompson first came to the nation’s attention 35 years ago when he served as minority counsel on the Senate Watergate Committee. His visibility and personality, first on display in those nationally televised hearings, launched him into acting….

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Like Reagan, the entertainment career led to the political career. He filled Al Gore’s vacated Senate seat in 1992 — a seat once held by [Thompson’s political mentor, former Senate minority leader Howard] Baker.

His 6-foot 4-inch body, his deep rich voice and his country wit and wisdom immediately convinced many he was presidential timber.

Recently, Thompson has been sitting in for the aging radio institution known as Paul Harvey. The daily short-form program has familiarized him to millions of Americans who listen to it. It was short-form radio that also gave Ronald Reagan the opportunity to share his views with Americans from coast to coast.

Can lightning strike twice?

A Fred Thompson candidacy seems to leave me with a suspicious grin, saying, “Okay, what’s the catch?” Aside from his superficial qualifications, he’s got a sterling, conservative record while he was in the Senate. The only flaw I can see is that the most dependable candidates for as long as I can remember have been former governors. (“dependable candidate” means those with the most hope of winning) Bush2, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, all former governors. Bush1, Ford, Nixon and Johnson were all vice-presidents. You have to go all the way back to JFK to find a president who wasn’t either a governor or vice-president. If you dismiss those not initially elected (Ford and Johnson), or had a shoo-in election following an already popular president (Bush1), Nixon was the only former vice-president that was elected “on his own” (so to speak) and in that case it was actually eerily similar to this upcoming election: the DNC torn apart by anti-war idiots, leaving them with a moron for a candidate.

But, going back from Kennedy, there are Presidents whose top billing had been the US Senate. The problem with comparisons from that far back, is that our culture has changed so much, one might as well worry about the threat from the Whig candidate.

Ironically, I actually didn’t think much of Reagan when he was first elected. Of course I was 17 at the time, and hardly savvy of politics and politicians. Reagan won me over, as he did most of the rest of the nation, but the same doubt I had, I see people having about Thompson.

“So we’re going to have someone ‘act’ the part?”

One delightful irony in all this is that the Liberal mindset of superficiality, symbolism over substance, form over function, is paving the way for a Thompson Presidency. The DNC and the MSM have built the road, and may get to watch while it’s used to bring in their worst nightmare–another Ronald Reagan.

Gotta love it.

Danny Carlton blogs at JackLewis.net

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