“Drop In Baghdad Violence Sustainable -U.S. General” By The Ace

The Bush surge continues producing good results,

A reduction in violence in Baghdad over the past few months represents a sustainable trend that will allow fewer U.S. troops to protect the Iraqi capital, a top American general said on Wednesday.

Major-General Joseph Fil, commander of U.S. forces in Baghdad, said al Qaeda in Iraq no longer had a foothold in any part of the city of 7 million people. The group is blamed for most big car bombings that have killed thousands.

He said levels of violence were falling every month following a spike in June.

But while fewer coalition troops would be required, more Iraqi security forces would be needed to fill any gaps, he said.

He said the Iraqi security forces had become “much, much more effective”, while volunteers who patrolled their own neighbourhoods in coordination with the Iraqi security forces had had a positive impact.

Not to worry, the American left is busy pretending not to hear.

This content was used with the permission of Polipundit.

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