Droppin’ The Black Anvil Of Censorship =D

Normally, I don’t bother to comment about banning someone from RWN because it only encourages them to try to be pests, but today, just this once, I thought I would. You see, I banned somebody today from the comments section and indignation about it was so the over-the-top, that I thought might be entertaining enough to post about.

The person I banned — for trolling — was one aptly named “piglettio”. Judging by the hysterical reaction from some of the left-wingers who post here, you would have thought I hired someone to break his kneecaps and drag him off to a secret Vast Right Wing Conspiracy run gulag instead of just banning him from the comment section. Here are a few of the outraged — outraged I say — comments from lefties who regularly post on RWN…

Rastus posted this message to 11 different threads…

“Well, Piglettio just informed me he got banned. So much for this place being “better than the DU”. I’m sure it’s “different” in this case, because YOUR motives are above reproach…

Ah, I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. Bet I’m next.”

Yes Rastus, you may be if you keep spamming across multiple threads. Next up, Huckupchuck opines about the “black anvil of censorship” =D….

“…I don’t justify piglettio’s foul and crude language. In fact, I think it’s unwarranted and counterproductive to civilized debate. But the guy is not calling for a hit on anyone’s life or for genocide, for pete’s sake. I don’t see how anyone can claim any more that, Hawkins’ right to do what he likes with his own blog aside, the RWN is a place where freedom of expression of all kinds, even what Hawkins considers morally repugnat, is possible without the fear that the black anvil of censhorship hangs over the blog, ready to drop at the fickle whim of an offended man.”

But none of the posts could top the comedic value of this one from Shergald…

“…Therefore, I invite everyone of like outrage, rastus and Pstick, in particular, to join me in a strike of this site until Piglettio is reinstated with full apologies. I happen to know that Blackman will agree. Let them go back to debating the trivia and back-patting that I confronted when I first came here. Silence is the word, and not a word until Piglettio is reinstated.”

No, not a…not a…LIBERAL STRIKE AGAINST RWN! Awww…don’t get all upset fellas, I’m just putting on a brave face. If you manage to hold out for say 12 – 18 – 36 months, you may very well be able to break me. There’s no way to know until you try is there?

Now, I want to you read some of the fine dialogue from Piglettio that apparently some people think RWN can’t do without. Keep in mind that all of these quotes come from just the last 7 posts on RWN…

“Masturbate to Ann Coulter all you want. Use blood for lubrication. The blood of innocent Iraqis. I mean, isn’t that some kind of insane wet dream for ye?”

“…Compassion must rule the day. Even compassion for terrorists.”

“…But back to the point: don’t f*cking tell me about patriotism or anything else. A patriot would be the first one to sh*t on the flag. Why? Because to sh*t on the flag is the purest expression of everything it stands for.”

“…It stinks. It stinks like the idea that terrorists flew into the WTC. I’d believe it all if I had unequivocal proof. Alas, there is none.”

“…Did I mention I p*ssed on a flag last night? Never was the love so warm and free…”

I could easily go on, but you get the idea.

Now, I know some of you may be getting to say, “Yes Hawkins, I see what you’re saying, BUT…”

Stop there.

There is no “but”. Remember, that this is not a democracy, this is not a republic, it’s a blog run by man who at his whim may drop the “black anvil of censorship” on your head if he thinks you’re a malcontent who isn’t capable of engaging in reasonably civil discourse with other human beings. However, luckily, there are millions of websites out there and many of them have comments and forums. Some of them even appreciate people who like to talk about urinating on the flag or lubing up with blood to masturbate to Ann Coulter. And if that’s your idea of normal, everyday, political conversation on the web, may I humbly suggest that one of those websites might be a better place to spend your time.

PS: Over time, I’ve probably banned a roughly even number of conservatives and liberals for all sort of things including death threats, being incredibly obnoxious, posting comment spam, thread jacking, & making racist comments. 99% of the people who post here don’t have anything to worry about, but if you want more details about can get you banned, there’s more information in RWN’s FAQ.

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