DSL Down

My local ISP is having problems and my DSL is down. Because of that, updates may be slower and less frequent than normal today. Hopefully, it’ll be back up and running soon.

*** Update #1: *** It has been 19 hours since my DSL originally went down and I’m still stuck in dial-up hell. I just called my ISP and they confirmed that the problem is on their end, but of course, they have no idea when it will be fixed. All they can tell me is that they’re, “working on it.”

I’ve worked for an ISP wholesale provider and let me tell you something: if you’re down for 19 hours, either your engineers are incompetent or a part on a router went bad and you didn’t have a spare, like you should have, and are having the part overnighted.

Either way, this dial-up is making the net really s-l-o-w and cramping my style so hopefully these clowns will get this problem fixed by tomorrow morning.

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