DU Thread Of The Day: The Wheels Have Fallen Off The Hopemobile

Some days, a DU thread just jumps out at ya like Hobbes going after Calvin (did I just seriously date myself there?)

obama empty suitMassDemm – The wheels have fallen off the Hopemobile

Even if he manages to eek out a victory this primary season, which is unlikely, because he will be seen as damaged goods and someone who will have no chance of winning the GE; he will be crushed in the GE maybe winning IL.

I am very disturbed by our democratic “leaders” who forced this charade down our throats without properly vetting the candidate.

The Democratic Party has just about guaranteed a republican victory in November.

Once again, screwed by our own.

Let’s get it on!

  • Haven’t you heard?? Hope Floats…It doesn’t need wheels..
  • sometimes shit floats too. nt
  • Yes that is true And some times it hits the fan and the person standing in front of it gets splattered. Word of advice …Don’t stand in front of it when you launch your turd.
  • I will vote for the dem nominee because I am a partisan, but unlikely indies will.
  • Thank you, John McCain supporter. Please return to the rock you came out under.
  • Where is all this Doom and Gloom coming from We all knew the swiftboating would begin before the convention (Swiftboating: telling the truth about a candidate that his/her supporters cannot counter)
  • Nonsense By the time November rolls around the economy will be in such sad shape that the Dems could elect my dog if they wanted to. (“please, oh, please, non-demoninational fictional God, please tank the economy for our political purposes”)
  • It relied on the cult of personality from the beginning Nothing wrong with charisma, but without a proper vetting or examination of the candidate, we are, as you said, screwed by our own.From the start, Obama’s campaign has been about himself–how “he” is different, how “he” can bring hope and change, how “he” can inspire the country. Now we learn that “he” has some major baggage, and that “he” may ruin our chances in the general election.Sad.

But, hey, good news

EffieBlack A note about Wright’s “fiery” tone . . .

I think that much of the controversy over Jeremiah Wright’s comments is based upon a lack of exposure to and ignorance about the black religious tradition. (snip)

I have not seen the entire text or video of Rev. Wright’s sermons that are so controversial (and, I’ll bet, neither have most of the people criticizing them, which calls into question their standing to attack him), but I will bet you that the comments that have folks so up in arms came about 3/4 of the way through, the point at which the speaker is at his most animated and most dramatic. I have worshipped in Rev. Wright’s church and have seen in him in many other venues. He does not walk around yelling and gesturing. He’s actually a very quiet, soft-spoken man of great eloquence, dignity, compassion and brilliance. But his preaching style is very traditional and he builds to the crescendo just as many other preachers do.

Is Effie saying that the Black religious tradition is to mix support for certain politicians and denunciation for others into their sermons? Is Effie saying that it is the norm at Black churches to say God Damn America? Heck, to say the phrase God Damn? Last time I checked, that was a big no no for people who believe in God, particularly a religious leader. Is it the norm to go on racist rants?

I seriously doubt Effie knows what the hell she is writing, and I do not agree with her hyposthesis in the least, but, it is a nice try to find some sort of moral equivilence in order to defend the indefensible.

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