DUmmies Simply Love That Hillary!

Or not. By now, everyone in the ‘spere knows about Hillary’s little gaffe, to whit, planting questions at a Townhall meeting (also mentioned yesterday on Right Wing News by Rob Port of Say Anything.) Interestingly, a DUmmie compares this to Hils whining about someone planting a question about her pro-Iraq War Operation Iraqi Freedom vote in the affirmative. “Oh sweet irony! Clinton busted planting questioners at campaign event.”

Now, the thing about so many of the DUmmies, and others on the hard left, is that they just Do. Not. Like. Hillary. Primarily because she refuses to really repudiate her “Yea” vote on Operation Iraqi Freedom. Also, cause she just ain’t the Big Dog. Amazing, we “neo-cons” actually have something in common with DUmmies! Let’s get ‘er started!

  • Looks like it is true that Camp Hillary is using Karl Rove’s 2000 GOP primary as a model What’s next for these people, spread the rumour that Obama had an out-of-wedlock child? (giving an A- for working in a Rove referrence)
  • No, just that he’s unelectable because he has a Muslim-sounding name and because he hates the flag. (imagine thinking someone who won’t wear a flag pin or put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem while running for U.S. president hates the flag. Boggles the mind.)
  • One story posted on one nothing blog from nowhere and the HillHaters are back!! You can almost hear the sounds of little hard-ons popping up from all over Planet HillHate Inc.
  • hey, i resemble that remark!
  • The Associated Press reported on it and the Clinton camp admitted that it happened (woops)
  • Go puke on the Hillary campaign, they admitted today they planted the question I am troubled that some of the most rabid Hillary supporters are showing the same blind fanaticism that has characterized that 29-percent of fanatical Bush supporters.Gawd save us from both! (you know it is not going well when a DUmmie compares a politician to Bush)
  • I Know a Guy Who Did This Once I wonder if Bush gave her his playbook. Rove did say when he went back into the dark shadows, that Hillary was the one for Rethuglicans to beat. (oh, goody, a new conspiracy theory! I love it)
  • Clinton2008 operates exactly like Bush2000 and nothing like Clinton1992. Gee – what does THAT say about 2009? (that it starts in January?)
  • Hillary will not end the war or dismantle the police state apparatus that Bush built She has yet to show any leadership on peace and justice issues. (“those damned secret police are forcing me to write nasty things about Hils and Bush. Help me!)
  • Yes, and it says what IG already said it does. We are so screwed. (well, if you are a tubby female intern and get near Bill, you probably will)
  • Because some of us noticed Hillary2008 was acting like Bush2000 LONG AGO and have posted about it since she started running. (context is missing, but do you see the new pattern with Hillary2008 and Bush2000? I’ve been seeing this pop up lately)
  • If you’re gonna f**k with eagles you better learn to fly….Do a search and you’ll see all the times we’ve noticed Hillary acting like Bush for her campaign – this isn’t amateur hour here as much as you wish it were. (kiss of death)
  • Hill complains about RW tactics and then JOINS them in that same tactic against an HONEST Democrat. (well, that would make one)
  • (lot’s of yammering about Poppy Bush, a bit of 41 Derangement Syndrome.)
  • She gave Medea Benjamin a hard time, too. Pulled her out of a rally for wearing ‘Troops Home Now’ on her t-shirt. She does like to control the message. (psycological studies show that the color pink enrages men. Think about it)
  • She’s nothing more than * in a skirt. rec’d (for those unfamilier, some DUmmies are so enraged that they cannot even write the word Bush, instead using *. I wonder how leftard porn writers…never mind)
  • She runs events just like a Republican. (kiss of death again)
  • I wonder what esle they up too? Hired forum spammers? Is Rove calling the shots? (I really do not think Rove is behind the Ron Paul followers and what they do on Al Gore’s Internet)

Gotta love ’em! Pure insane commedy. Especially over at News Hounds, one of the liberal “seethe over Fox News” sites, which told its readers to demand a retraction from Sean Hannity for saying on Thursday night that Hillary had planted a question. Woops! Of course, the LA Times says “hey, everyone does it! Just more smoothly.”

Apparently, all the others are still a bit smoother, because, after saying her campaign just wouldn’t do it again, um, well, er, ya see what had happened, they got caught doing it again. See Jay at Stop The ACLU for commentary and a round up of reactions.

Meanwhile, Mr. Monkey Business crawls off the bow sprint for a bit of BDS in defense of Hillary. Seriously, who knew that something that, let’s face it, most politicians engage in, could become so fun! This is getting rather long, but, end quote:

….I am willing to wager that George W. Bush and virtually his entire cabinet have never, during this entire administration, spoken in a forum whose doors were open to all.

I’ll take that wager, Gary. Are you aware of the presidentional debates that W engaged erstwhile Dem candidates Al Gore and John Kerry in, Gary? What do I win?

William Teach is a resident of that great Red state of North Carolina, where global cooling is happening, so it is time to bring the ship in to the cross-post at Pirate’s Cove. He usually will not pimp his Sunday Patriotic Pinups, but there is a good on for Veteran’s Day today.

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