DUmmy Thread Of The Day: They Are The Mainstream

Are you ready for this? Please, no drinking of milk, coffee, or juice, as I will not be responsible for any nose damage that occurs

burythehatchet – DU’ers are not radicals, we’re not out of the mainstream, we’re not the lunatic fringe

WE ARE SIMPLY BETTER INFORMED. And so our seeming crazy when we say that Plame was outed for her work in Iran, or that the Iraq invasion was based on lies, or that the DOJ is an organized crime operation, we aren’t WRONG, or FAR LEFT, we are just AHEAD OF THE NEWS CYCLE by about 2 to 3 years.
Do you feel out of the mainstream of America?

Got that? Not only normal and not wackjobs, but they are actually psychic!

What do the rest of the DUmmies think?

  • I am mainstream America. theres lots more of us than the sum of the total of registered users here I can tell you that, we’re only a small percentage
  • ABSOLUTELY THANKFULLY YES!! The ‘mainstream’ is what got US where we are today.
  • i get my news a day sooner than most folks….from DU du’ers ARE more informed. (in other words, they invent it)
  • I’m in the mainstream — always have been and I think you’ve hit the nail on the head: we’re just better informed. I’d say DUers are those in the mainstream who’ve climbed up on a log so we can see where the rapids are taking us. (yup, cause sources like Pravda, Truthout, and Prison Planet are ‘mainstream.’)
  • i agree but did have it out with some of the unraveled fringe here yesterday..they do lurk around (every single one of us is mainstream and not lunatics, except for those lunatics that I just got done talking to)
  • You’re a large part of the reason we are better informed. Thank you. n/t (yes, because this was one heck of a meaningful news post)
  • I am what mainstream America should be. I question authority, I keep up with the news–even the unpleasant stuff. I realize MY country is in crisis…it doesn’t hurt me to say it, but I also know that if more people KNEW this, they would correct it. I spend more time worrying about what is going on in the world than I do who is going to be the next American Idol.
    I know WHY certain candidates shouldn’t even be considered for President. (In Liberal Speak, “unpleasant” means “good for the United States.” Which always ticks of Liberals beyond belief.)

And we all know that people who desperately search for and buy into conspiracies about there being two Flight 93’s, discuss their 9/11 skepticism, and are totally in tune with a British MP stating that Dr. David Kelly was assassinated for exposing the British Government’s “sexed-up” Iraq dossier showing we went to war over lies (this one was on the DU front page). You know, those lies most Democrats voted for and most of the world believed in.

But, we are the mainstream, damnitall, and we will smear feces on ourselves so we don’t get arrested while protesting! And smear it all over military recruitment centers. Perhaps calling them Surrender Monkeys is correct, eh?

those mainstream, non-lunatic liberals managed to hit a woman with a brick during one of their non-radical demonstrations.

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