Ecuador to Grant Human Rights to Nature

Ecuador is on the verge of granting human rights to nature.

People will be asked to vote on Sunday on a new constitution that would give Ecuador’s tropical forests, islands, rivers and air similar legal rights to those normally granted to humans. If they vote yes — and polls show that 56% are for and only 23% are against — then an already approved bill of rights for nature will be introduced, and new laws will change the legal status of nature from being simply property to being a right-bearing entity.

From the bill:

Natural communities and ecosystems possess the unalienable right to exist, flourish and evolve within Ecuador. Those rights shall be self-executing, and it shall be the duty and right of all Ecuadorian governments, communities, and individuals to enforce those rights.

According to Thomas Linzey, an American lawyer who helped cook up this lunacy, the bill will “grant people the right to sue on behalf of an ecosystem.” In practical terms, this means that any and all human activity will be subject to lawsuits — including breathing, which releases CO2, alleged by moonbats to be hurtful to polar bears. Theoretically, stepping on a cockroach would qualify as murder.

A primary goal is to loot, then drive out multinational companies that provide economic opportunity in Ecuador. The inevitable result will be extreme but no doubt picturesque poverty.

Again we see there is no limit to how far liberals will push their depraved, antihuman agenda. Given a government run by irresponsible progressives like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama, a similar bill is not unimaginable here.

On a tip from V the K. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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