Elizabeth Edwards Whines About Ann Coulter

The media is “oohing and awwwing” over this like Elizabeth Edwards walked out on camera with a newborn baby fawn, but it’s actually kind of pathetic,

“Elizabeth Edwards pleaded Tuesday with Ann Coulter to “stop the personal attacks,” a day after the conservative commentator said she wished Edwards’ husband, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, had been killed by terrorists.

“The things she has said over the years, not just about John but about other candidates, lowers the political dialogue at precisely the time we need to raise it,” Edwards said by phone on MSNBC’s “Hardball” program, where Coulter was a guest.

Elizabeth Edwards said she did not consult her husband before confronting Coulter on the air, adding that she felt the pundit’s remarks were “a dialogue on hatefulness and ugliness.”

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If Elizabeth Edwards doesn’t like Ann Coulter and other conservative pundits taking shots at her husband, she should tell the Silky Pony to retire from politics. Politics is a nasty, rough, smash-mouth game and quite frankly, people on her side of the aisle are primarily responsible for it being that way. When Elizabeth Edwards starts regularly chiding people on her side for calling George Bush Hitler or calling Republicans fascists or racists, then I’ll start paying attention to her complaints about Ann Coulter. Until then, cry me a river, Elizabeth.

Also, isn’t it kind of pathetic that Elizabeth Edwards had to speak up for her husband because what — he’s afraid of Ann Coulter? If the Breck Girl can’t stand up to Ann Coulter, what makes anyone think he can take on Al-Qaeda? Get out from behind your wife’s skirt and start fighting your own battles, pretty boy.

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