Eric Alterman Vs. The Victims Of Auschwitz

The following monstrous sentiments you are about to read are from Eric Alterman’s blog on MSNBC. Alterman is commenting on the despicable boycott by many British Muslims of “(the) commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz”….

“Look, unlike[ Andrew Sullivan], I’m a Jew, but I don’t expect Arabs to pay tribute to my people’s suffering while Jews, in the form of Israel and its supporters -— and in this I include myself — are causing much of theirs. Would Andrew want to go to a service in honor of the suffering of gay bashing bigots? . . . Anyway, I’m sure what I’m saying will be twisted beyond recognition, and so I suppose that makes it stupid to do, but I’m sorry. The Palestinians have also suffered because of the Holocaust. They lost their homeland as the world — in the form of the United Nations — reacted to European crimes by awarding half of Palestine to the Zionists. They call this the “Nakba” or the “Catastrophe.” To ask Arabs to participate in a ceremony that does not recognize their own suffering but implicitly endorses the view that caused their catastrophe is morally idiotic — which is why, I guess, I’m not surprised Andrew’s doing it.”

Yes, you’re reading that right, Eric Alterman is comparing the Jews who died at Auschwitz to “gay bashing bigots.” It’s great that Alterman lets us know that he’s a Jew because otherwise we may have confused him for a Nazi, holocaust denier, or anti-semitic Muslim Imam — ya know, the other people who seem to share his views on the subject. To speak of the innocents who were slaughtered at Auschwitz as if they’re culpable for the endless grievances of the Arab world today is grotesque & depraved. Alterman should be ashamed…

Hat tip to Eugene Volokh for the scoop on the Alterman post.

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