“Established Media Is Formally Accused Of Felony RICO And Conspiracy Against Dr. Ron Paul And The American People.”

Ron Paul can claim a victory of sorts, I suppose, because he has stayed in the race longer than his arch-rival Rudy Giuliani. Of course, he’s still polling in the low single digits, he has no chance to win, and tragically, my buddy E.M. Zanotti has found out that the Ron Paul blimp looks as if it has taken its last flight.

So, I decided to check in over at the Daily Paul Forums to see how the Paulbots are taking the news. For the most part, they’re keeping their chins up, but I did run across one video that is so hilarious that I had to share it.

Apparently, some of Ron Paul’s supporters are filing a RICO lawsuit against the media for trying to stop Ron Paul from becoming President,

Emailed to DOJ, Washington DC . This presentment is intended to supersede any and all previous renditions of this criminal complaint via affidavit.


What the public needs to understand is that FOX, ABC, CBS, CNN, NSNBC and the other established *mainstream “mass media”/news sources [*see definition @ Wikipedia.org] are perpetrating criminal fraud (via omissions, distortions and outright lies) and a deliberate censorship of Dr. Ron Paul in 2008 Presidential race–with malice and aforethought and evil intent to control the 2008 presidential elections. This is an outrage and “We the People” need to organize against this dangerous plot and TAKE ACTION by filing “class action” criminal charges and civil suits against the owners and executives of these news sources. This illegal censorship is not only harming Americans because they wield the power to control the outcome of elections via the quantity and quality of the news coverage they provide the candidates; it constitutes an unAmerican and antiAmerican criminal enterprise; not to fail to mention a violation of the first amendment/freedom of the press. These accused individuals–the elitist media executives–exercise monopolized and Fascist-control over media/news sources with intent to get the candidate preferred by them elected while simultaneously wrongfully hiding and/or playing down the true facts, popularity and success of the Ron Paul campaign.

Near the end of the spiel, they attach this hilariously scary notice,

Below is Ted Gunderson’s criminal complaint via affidavit to show you how easy it is to execute your own presentment. After executing the same or similar felony complaint via affidavit “you” also will have the right to citizen arrest the accused felons.

Can’t you just see some overly-zealous Libertarian trying to make a citizen’s arrest of Katie Couric because her coverage of Ron Paul wasn’t positive enough?

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