Euphoric Reality Hacked By Islamic Wackos Or…

My buddy Kit Lange’s blog, Euphoric Reality, has been hacked by someone claiming to be a Muslim. Here are some screen shots,

I haven’t fully translated the Arabic writing on there, but I believe it says,

“Dirka, dirka, Muhammad, jihad, my girlfriend is a goat and she has the prettiest eyes! Dirka, dirka!”

In all seriousness, I talked to Kit about the hack and she has an alternate theory that may not be as out there as it’s going to sound.

You see, Kit has been doing a ground breaking series on the Pendleton 8 that features a lot of original reporting and information that some government agencies might not want out there.

Here are some excerpts, published with permission, from what Kit told me on instant messenger last night,

Kit: I don’t think it was really Islamists

John: …Why not?

Kit: 1. They deleted two years of posts. Not the whole database. I started writing about the Pendleton 8 two years ago this month.

2. They deleted my entire userbase.

3. the site was hacked at 6:05 pm, (…The agencies on my site at the time were NIST, FEMA, and the Navy-MC Intranet/Information services network.) and at that time, I had three different government agencies on my site.

…ANYTHING mentioning the Pendleton 8 on my site got wiped out. EVERYTHING.
categories, tags, keyword databases, everything — and think about it. If you were going to do something, didn’t want people to know it was you doing it, what would be the next LOGICAL choice to pretend to be if you were hacking a military blogger’s website who writes almost exclusively about mil affairs, Islam, and the border?

Kit: OHHH don’t forget to mention that in the last 4 days, my windows laptop has been attacked 8 times, with two formats necessary…

Long story short, Kit’s not sure exactly who hacked her site and neither am I, but when that Pendleton 8 story is back up and running, make sure to check it out because it’s entirely possible that someone went to a lot of trouble to try to prevent people from looking at it.

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