Even Big Brother Never Thought About Spying On People’s Trash Cans

Britain is a fine nation, but they are also the world’s creepiest democracy. They have millions of cameras everywhere, watching their citizens’ every move, ostensibly so that they can stop crime. But, their legal system bends over backwards to protect criminals, which makes you wonder why they need the cameras.

Well, now, they’re actually chipping their trash cans so that their government can monitor how much rubbish people can throw away,

“More than three million households in Britain have rubbish bins equipped with “waste stealth tax” technology, it was claimed last night.

Ahead of today’s publication of the Government’s national waste strategy, a survey revealed that 68 town halls have spent millions of pounds buying bins with microchips.

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The figure is double previous estimates and will fuel fears that Labour has been moving secretly towards a European-style “bin tax”.

The microchips, together with reading equipment which could be installed in refuse lorries, would allow councils to weigh each household’s rubbish. The system could eventually be used to charge households for the amount of non-recyclable waste they produce, which currently has to be buried in landfill sites.”

Let’s see, the citizens in Britain aren’t allowed to have guns and the government monitors them from the moment they throw out the garbage in the morning to the moment they get to work through a system of video cameras.

Liberals always run around claiming that America is about to turn into a fascist country, which is perfectly ludicrous — but if you did have to pick the Western European nation most likely to become a totalitarian nation, it would definitely be Britain.

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