Even Gray Lady Admits Downside to Mugabe

Robert Mugabe personifies the future liberals have planned for us. He took the “Breadbasket of Africa” and turned it into a squalid, totalitarian hellhole with his race-based socialist ideology in the name of sticking it to Whitey on behalf of the historically oppressed. But even moonbats who deify his socialist colleague Nelson Mandela have a hard time excusing Mugabe’s savage excesses. The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof has been forced to admit the obvious: Africa was much better off before it was supposedly liberated.

Being a moonbat, Kristof can’t help but bleat piteously about white racism. He condemns Britain for the “tribalism” of not liking it when white farmers — mostly descendants of Britons — are beaten and killed so that their land can be stolen and then left to lie fallow. But even Kristof was forced to cough this up:

When I grew up in the 1970s, a central truth was that Ian Smith was evil and Mugabe heroic. So it was jolting on my last visit to Zimbabwe, in 2005, to see how many Zimbabweans looked back on oppressive white rule with nostalgia. They offered a refrain: “Back then, at least parents could feed their children.”

One day American parents holding their starving babies in their arms may say: Yes, capitalists were racist demons with horns growing out of their heads, just like they teach at school. But there used to be food.

Mugabe could scare sense even into moonbats.

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