Even John Edwards Wondering ‘Who The Heck Is John Edwards’ By The Chortler

On the heels of a surprisingly good showing in yesterday’s Wisconsin primary, people across the country are now beginning to ask “who is John Edwards?” — a question also being raised by John Edwards himself.

Hence, the candidate has taken a leading role in trying to determine where he came from and what exactly he stands for.

“Apparently, from what I have been able to dig up so far, I am some guy from North Carolina with pretty good hair and a nice smile who had nothing better to do than tour Iowa for a year,” Edwards guesses.

“As I understand it, I was in favor of the Iraq invasion when it seemed like a good idea and now I am definitely opposed to it until it turns into a good idea again,” he thinks.

From what he was been able to uncover about himself Edwards senses that he might be the guy the Democrats need to take back the White House.

“Whatever my positions on the economy, education and the environment might be, I just have this gut feeling that they are way better than John Kerry’s,” Edwards speculated.

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