Even More Things To Ponder

Even More Things To Ponder: Here are a few things I wanted to mention that probably weren’t quite developed enough to deserve their own posts…

— John Kerry, Dick Gephardt, and Joe Lieberman seem to now be the big three leaders in the hunt for the Democratic nomination and Kerry seems to have the most momentum. Dean seems to be fading a bit and despite the amount of money he’s collected, John Edwards isn’t getting a lot of traction. The rest of the candidates haven’t been making much of a splash so far.

— Even if Abbas were sincere (and that’s very debatable), there’s absolutely no way he can make peace with the Israelis while Arafat, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, & company are all deliberately trying to foil the peace talks. Until all those bad actors are removed from the scene, there is no point to even beginning peace negotiations.

— IMO, the Democrats and left-wing pundits are making a big political mistake by claiming that the Bush administration made-up or slanted the intelligence on WMD in Iraq. All it’s going to take is one vile of anthrax, one artillery shell full of mustard gas, or maybe even just a few scientists or Iraqi higher-ups claiming they destroyed the WMD or shipped it to Syria and these people hammering the Bush administration on the issue are going to have egg all over their faces…again.

— I was going to talk about this, but Bill Quick beat me to it….

How to lie with headlines and ledes:

The Pentagon’s intelligence service reported last September that it had no reliable evidence that Iraq had chemical agents in weaponized form, officials said Friday.

Much later in the same article:

In its report last September, the Defense Intelligence Agency said it could find no reliable information to indicate that Iraq had any chemical weapons available for use on the battlefield. But the agency also said Iraq probably had stockpiles of banned chemical warfare agents.

The anti-Bush distortions and spin never stops…

— Here are just some of the people I’d enjoy interviewing in no particular order (no active politicians included); Muhammad Ali, Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Jonah Goldberg, Rush Limbaugh, Margaret Thatcher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Scarborough, David Warren, Matt Drudge, G. Gordon Liddy, Bill O’Reilly, George Will, Ex-FBI Profiler John Douglas, Bill Kristol, Hugh Hewitt, Thomas Sowell, Robert Bork, Neal Boortz, Bill Bennett, Oliver North, Michael Medved, Michael Ledeen, David Limbaugh, Charles Krauthammer, & PJ O’Rourke. I may not get interviews with all of these people, in fact I’m sure I won’t, but I’m going to get some of them before it’s all said and done. Just you watch and see…

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