Even The Mildly Annoying Days Turn Out Pretty Good Sometimes, Don’t They?

Despite the successful debut of Conservative Grapevine, the new website that anyone who is not a Communist will love, today has not been a fantastic day.

To splain why, I must take you back to yesterday afternoon when I unknowingly stood in the middle of a fire ant mound for 5 minutes having a conversation with someone until I started wondering why my sock was cutting into my ankle. So, I take a look down at my sock and it’s swarming with fireants. As I walk out of the fireants, I realize that not only are both my feet and socks crawling with fireants, but they’re working their way up my pants taking little bites out of me all the while.

I took off my shoes and socks, cleared my feet of fireants and headed for the shower. But, I had a dilemma: I can’t undress outside and if I toss the clothes down before I get into the shower, I’ll have fireants EVERYWHERE. So, I hop in the shower fully clothed and give the ants the Noah’s Ark treatment. It was antricide, baby, and there were no survivors…

Still, my ankle and shins were bothering me a bit where they chewed me up as I was finishing up the final preparations to take Conservative Grapevine live. But hey, no pain, no gain.

Well, the promos go out to other bloggers, I punch up something on RWN about CG and *** bam, *** down goes my DSL. Oh, and was that perfect timing! I had no RWN updates going, no news, and CG was just going live.

I spent an hour trying to get it back up and talked to tech support. I thought the server had gone down, they seemed unsure about it one way or the other, but in any case, they sent it up to the next level tech support, so nothing was happening tonight.

Therefore, I decided it was best to just crash and see what happened in the morning. It was still down. I called a different DSL repair number, they said DSL was up. Great. So, I logged in with dial-up, took a quick look around, and headed down to my ISP’s office to get a new modem. When I got there, it was: “Sorry, it actually is down.” Argggggghhh! And on the day I’m taking Conservative Grapevine live, no less!

Also today, I found out my vacuum cleaner isn’t working because it has a broken belt, Patton tried — and partially succeeded — in digging through part of the carpet to get at a guy who came over to do some work on the bathroom, and the dog, in a maneuver common to cats, actually managed to trip me in the house, by stopping in mid-stride in front of me and going directly into my feet while I was walking. All I can say is, you’re lucky you’re not squashed, little buddy!

On the other hand, my DSL is back up, Conservative Grapevine has already been seen by more than 2000 readers and has pulled 3 blogads so far on its first day, and I’m not French 😉

Even the mildly annoying days turn out pretty good sometimes, don’t they?

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