Everybody Will Be Married To Britney Spears For 15 Minutes, Study Finds By The Chortler

A report by a team of sociologists has found that Jason Alexander, a complete unknown just seven days ago, has started a whole new wave in wedding trends — everyone will be married to Britney Spears for 15 minutes.

Upon hearing news of the report, men throughout the planet canceled what they were doing and started getting themselves ready for their 15 minutes of marital bliss with the pop superstar.

“She’s got me for 3:45 on Wednesday. This way our wedding will be annulled at 4 and I can beat traffic and get home in time for the 76ers’ game,” said Joe, a construction worker in Philadelphia.

The report could not have come at a better time for the economy.

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Barbers, jewelers and tailors — along with Internet satire writers — have all reported a tremendous upsurge in business as men prepare for their big quarter hour with the blonde bombshell.

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