Excerpt Of The Day #2: How Obama Would Deprive Immigrants Of America’s Promise

“As a multilingual immigrant (English, Russian, enough Hebrew and Spanish to get by) I’m not exactly worried about those strange people from strange lands. I’m one of those people! But yes, I’m an English only partisan and here’s why: it’s better for the immigrants. I know this from experience and I know this for a fact. Sure, government offices can have their Spanish signs to make it easier for immigrants. But their local supermarket probably won’t. The job they want will likely be in English. I really believe it’s anti-immigrant to not help them assimilate. The Russians I know who never had to learn English because the signs on Brighton Beach are in Russian, they have RTV and listen to a Russian radio station are so much worse off than the Russians I know who learned English and adapted to their new country. The former have such limited opportunities it’s not even funny. The latter, well, they’re Americans and have every door open to them that someone American-born would have. I don’t want to deprive new immigrants of America’s promise.” — Karol Sheinin

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