Excerpt Of The Day: Another Kossack Diarist Goes Off The Rails

“If the Democrats fail (to end the war), the only option left is revolution and foreign intervention. Tyranny is but assured because Congress cannot and will not exercise it’s Constitutional power to end this fascist Coup d’etat.

This is outrageous! The only two options available to Congress, Impeachment and cutting the funds, are now both off the table. What now Democrats? What other magic powers will you invoke? You have taken the only constitutional means you have available to end this fascist train off the table.

“We don’t have the votes to do it,”

You don’t have the votes to do it because every Democrat is silent on the WAR CRIMINALS that have infested this country. And furthermore, “So what?” Put it up for a vote. Then do it again and again and again. Twenty six times if you have to just like the Arctic Wildlife National Refuge oil drilling agenda.

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What up Speaker Pelosi? Are you to be known as the first woman Speaker and last Speaker of the semi-free republic in America? The avarice, the complicity, the cowardice, infidelity, disloyalty, and dishonor on display is a discredit and a disgrace to all Americans and True Patriots.

It is truly nauseating to think that, as this nation sinks down into tyranny and breathes its last gasps of democracy, the democrats have, of their own free choosing, removed from themselves the only two viable options at gaining back liberty.

This is not oversight. This is complicity in war crimes.” — wolverine 06

A writer for the world’s most popular liberal blog is calling for, “revolution and foreign intervention,” in the United States and you know what? Other than at RWN, it probably won’t even be covered.

You know why that’s the case? Because the left in this country has become so profane, insane, and extreme that the sort of comments that would have caused liberals to be shunned as out of the mainstream kooks a decade ago are regular fodder at popular liberal websites.

That’s the primary “accomplishment” of liberal websites like Kos, Firedoglake, Unclaimed Territory, and the Democratic Underground: mainstreaming sheer insanity on the left.

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