Excerpt Of The Day: Being Soft On Illegal Immigration =’s Plunging Poll Numbers

From Todd Beeton at the left-wing blog, MyDD

According to a new SurveyUSA poll, since issuing the executive order directing the state to grant undocumented immigrants driver’s licenses in September, his approve/disapprove numbers have plummeted from 49/43 to 36/56 today, a 26% net drop in approval. Even his approval among Democrats has dropped into the red, to 41/49.

…Since the now infamous debate during which Hillary Clinton was seen, at best, equivocating on the issue of whether the undocumented should be granted driver’s licenses, we’ve seen her lead over Barack Obama in New Hampshire drop and there have been some signs, albeit inconclusive, that her national numbers may have softened. But while it’s not clear whether these developments were due to the fact that she appeared to waffle on the issue or that she did not come right out and oppose the driver’s license proposal or neither, the new Quinnipiac Ohio poll contains some warning signs for Senator Clinton in this crucial bellwether state. For one thing, since Quinnipiac’s October Ohio poll, her support in the primary has dropped 5 points from 47 to 42, as has her lead over Rudy Giuliani, which has gone from 46-40 to 44-43; in addition, her approval/disapproval rating has gone from 49/42 to 44/44. Now, here again, the cause of this drop is inconclusive, but this result from the poll is telling:

If a Presidential candidate favors providing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants are you more likely to vote for that candidate, less likely to vote for that candidate, or doesn’t it make a difference?

More likely: 3%
Less likely: 55
Doesn’t make diff: 37

Remember, earlier in the year, when we were being assured by fans of comprehensive illegal immigration reform that catering to illegal immigrants was a huge winner at the polls while many of those of us, who were against it said, no, that’s not true.

So, what does this data tell you about who was right and who was wrong?

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