Excerpt Of The Day: Every Victory In A War

Hugh Hewitt: I am amazed at the reactions today, and I want to read you a few of them, and gather your reactions to the reaction. From Richard Clarke, ultimately for the loved ones of troops in Iraq, (Zarqawi’s death) is not going to mean a big difference.

Mark Steyn: No, that is pathetic, because the point of this is that it is good news. You can say that about any stage in the war. You could have said all through the Second World War, you could have said when we liberated the Solomon Islands…well, this isn’t going to make a great deal of difference to those of us who are waiting for our troops to come home from Europe. You could say that about every victory in a war. In that sense, every victory is just a pause to take a breath, to cheer the great work that’s been done, and then on to the next stage. I mean, this man, Richard Clarke, he’s so corroded by bitterness, basically, because people didn’t do what he said. And there’s no reason to pay any attention to him, as far as I can see.

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