Excerpt Of The Day: Foley’s Seat Isn’t Lost Yet

“Majority Watch has already taken a post-resignation poll in Foley’s district — on Sunday, Oct 1…The result is:

Mahoney (D)–50%
Foley (R) — 43%

True, Sunday was maybe a bit early for the anti-Foley voter reaction to have peaked. On the other hand, the GOPs have a whole month for Republican voters to drift back home, especially when they are told that a vote for “Foley” is in fact a vote for a new GOP candidate, Joe Negron…. Actually, Majority Watch did a second poll,–but this time told voters that “[v]otes for Foley will count as votes for a new Republican nominee to be determined next week”–and the result was

Mahoney (D)–49%
Foley (R)–46%

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Seems like a margin that can be made up in a district that, per Majority Watch, is 47-32 Republican, no?” — Mickey Kaus

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