Excerpt Of The Day: Liberals And The War On Terror

“There’s a great amount of odious liberal condescension at work here. No matter how many times Jihadists say “We are killing you because Allah commands it,” liberals keep saying back, “Oh, pish-posh. We know what’s really driving you — a need for more day-care and infrastructure development.”

Don’t liberals believe in actually listening to the diverse narratives of oppressed peoples? Or is that just a cover for making up their own one-size-fits-all narrative and hegemonically imposing it on the world’s repressed?

…(M)any liberals are convinced we cannot win this war. Or, more accurately: They are convinced we cannot win this war in a way they find morally acceptable. And for many, fighting a war is itself morally unacceptable.

Ergo, the steady drumbeat from the left that we deserved it, we actually blew up the WTC ourselves, etc. They have decided the only liberally-correct response to the War on Terror is to lose it.” — Ace

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