Excerpt Of The Day: Newt On The Obama Speech

“So, here’s question; if you knew a year ago that (Wright) was saying things so anti-American, so dishonest, so hateful, that you were going to have to disown him, then…why did you only disown him when it became such a big political issue? And if you thought what he was saying was false and wrong and to be condemned, why didn’t you care enough for him to try to teach him the truth? I don’t think he can have it both ways…

…if he can’t give a different opinion to Reverend Wright, who he has known for 20 years, I sure don’t want him visiting the dictator, Ahmadinejad, or visiting the younger Castro brother. …This is a core question of character. How can you ask me to believe that this guy who has said he wants to visit Kim Jung-Il…(he thinks) the President of the United States ought to talk to anybody. He can’t even talk to his own pastor?

I mean, one of two things are true. Either he has always believed these were terrible things, in which case, he showed a remarkable lack of courage in describing to his own minister, the truth, or he didn’t actually mind it as long as it wasn’t public.” — Newt Gingrich

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