Excerpt Of The Day: Thaddeus McCotter Pulls No Punches

Thaddeus McCotter is one of my favorite guys in the House and not just because he actually understands the blogosphere and the concerns that regular conservatives have about the GOP in DC.

He’s also a scrapper, which is exactly what the Republican Party needs in DC right now. Take a look at the memo he just unleashed on George Bush for sitting on the sidelines while the GOP is fighting for lower gas prices on the floor of the House and you’ll see what I mean,

In a legislative update sent to GOP members and staff on Tuesday, Republican House Policy Committee Chairman Thaddeus McCotter (Mich.) accused “Beijing George” Bush of throwing House Republicans “under the bone-dry bus” on his way to the Olympics in China.

Today, in his final term, the wildly unpopular President George W. Bush boarded Air Force One bound for the Beijing Olympics and a meeting with his chum Hu Jintao, the dapper ruler of a nuclear armed, communist dictatorship. … Perhaps our Compassionate Conservative-in-Chief will bring our absent Democrat Congress some ‘Made in (communist) China’ souvenir t-shirts: ‘Bush went to Beijing and all I got was this lousy five week, paid vacation.’ ”

The memo ends, “Bon Voyage, Mr. Bush! House Republicans will fight on for America!”

Hat tip to Instapundit for the story.

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