Excerpt Of the Day: The Problems That The Democrats Cause In Iraq

“There is little doubt that many elements within America’s political elite want the United States to fail, for a variety of motives. At least some of those elements would do all they can, short of being charged with unpatriotic behavior, to ensure that the outcome of the war in Iraq is seen as a defeat for the United States – even if it is not so in reality.

Portraying Iraq as a failure isn’t hard. To pronounce Petraeus’ mission a failure, all that defeat-mongers in Washington need is one car bomb a day and one suicide attack a week.

Uncertainty in Washington will encourage the Iraqi protagonists to hedge their bets, rather than throw all their weight behind Petraeus’ mission. In any war, people rally to the side that is perceived to have the highest threshold of pain, and is likely to stay the course the longest.

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that she does not consider Iraq to be “a war to win, but a situation to manage,” Iraqis otherwise likely to side with Petraeus will think twice. All this past week, the discussion in Baghdad teahouses centered on a mystery: How could so many senators declare support for U.S. troops in Iraq while pressing for a resolution to oppose their mission?” — Amir Taheri

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