Excerpt Of The Day: The Unintended Consequences Of Government Regulations

“For example; a friend of mine worked in a small business that had 5 employees. The parking lot had 7 spaces, so everyone was able to park in the lot and still leave room for guests. It was not the kind of business where customers frequently came on site, but when one did, parking was available. The town (where) they were located passed a law stating that each business had to have at least 4 handicap parking spots. Even though no employee was handicapped, and there was ample parking should a disabled person come to visit, they had to comply and redo the lot. Since handicapped spots take up more space, when it was finished, they had 4 handicapped spots and only one regular spot.

They complied with the law, but everyone suffered. All the employees now had to park blocks away so they could leave the last remaining spot free for the ocassional customer. The people the law was intended to help gained nothing, because they had always had a place to park before. The business was out a few thousand dollars after paying fines and getting the work done. And if you drive by today, you will see an empty lot. The idea seemed good, but failed in application.

Another friend was building a theater and had to spend $10,000 on a lift for wheelchair access to the stage in case a handicapped audience member wanted to come up. Even though there would be no ocassion when an audience member would be brought up on stage, he was told he could not discriminate against a persons right to do so should they wish.” — Comments/claims made by RWN reader magicalpat in the “You Can’t Escape The Nanny State — Even In The Toilet” post

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