Excerpt Of The Day: What Would We Be Saying If The McCain Shoe Was On The Democrats’ Foot?

“Flip it all around. Say the Democrat frontrunner was Lieberman (just as an example). Say the Democrat “base” was very vocally and enthusiastically asserting that he is too conservative, more conservative even than the most conservative Republicans. The Democrats are saying that because Lieberman is such a conservative, which would be very very bad for the country in their view, they will instead be voting FOR the Republican nominee. The two Republican candidates in the running happen to be the Republican senator with the most conservative record in the Senate and another Republican senator that Democrats have loathed with the fire of hell for 16 years and who is married to one of the most loathed-by-the-left ex-presidents in history.

But the Democrats hate Lieberman so much that they’d still prefer one of those super-extra-doubleplus-bad Republicans because their conscience dictates that they do so and it’s time to teach the DNC a lesson. They believe that a conservative president would take the country to hell in a handbasket, and if that’s going to happen, it’s better for the Democrats if it’s under the leadership of a Republican conservative because then the nation will blame the Republicans, not the Democrats, and next time they’ll get smart and elect a REAL Democrat.

I may be wrong, but in that scenario, I’d be willing to bet a lot of money that all of the conservatives who’re right now saying this stuff about McCain would be LAUGHING THEIR *SSES OFF AT THE DEMOCRATS. They’d be rubbing their hands together and cackling in anticipation. Yes! Thank you! Elect a Republican you fools! He’ll be able to appoint a couple of mega-conservative supreme court justices to lord over you for 20 or more years! He’ll have the majority in Congress too, thank you very much, and will be able to get every bit of horrible conservative legislation passed. You won’t be able to recover from this for a long, long time! Awesome.

The conservatives would read all the apocalypse-scenario stuff on blogs like this one (which would be liberal in this bizarro-world), people practically predicting the End of Times if their own Democrat nominee were elected, and the conservatives would almost die from their smugness and satisfaction. All the Democrats would just have to hope that their plan didn’t backfire, and the conservatives would do everything they could to make sure it did.

That’s what I think. Of course I am not brilliant or the most informed, and I could be so very wrong, which I genuinely HOPE is the case. But I just can’t get myself to back you guys up on the whole plan you’ve got going. I think that if McCain loses so many Republican votes (if he’s the nominee), it’ll be interpreted by the media and the millions of people who don’t pay enough attention that the country didn’t want another Republican president. I think your plan will result in the appearance of the country giving Democrats a mandate and rejecting Republicans.

And just as I’m not convinced McCain would get into the White House and start bringing hell upon us all, as many of you think, I’m not convinced Clinton or Obama would, either, in most voters’ eyes, and that is why I don’t think your technique will be effective. Clinton or Obama may do things that I personally think would be worse than anything McCain would do, but those things probably wouldn’t be bad enough for the country to “learn their lesson” and start voting Republican. Remember that most people are not very smart or very informed. If enough people don’t already know what a sh*thead Hillary Clinton is after 16 years of being in the public eye, and therefore elect her President, I really don’t think they’ll figure it out when she’s President, either.” — Rachel Lucas

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