Excerpt Of The Day: Why A Wall Alone Won’t Solve Our Illegal Immigration Problem

“(A) wall on our border, by itself, will fail…

One reason is simple and incontrovertible: around 40% of the illegal aliens in America — 4.5 million immigration criminals — never had to sneak across any border. We let them in. They came legally on “temporary” visas, claiming to be tourists or students or businessmen who would enter America for just a short time to go to Disneyland or flight school or a big conference and would then leave. But they never left. They never intended to; they lied to get in and then just disappeared.” — Mac Johnson

*** Update #1 ***: By the way, Mac Johnson isn’t suggesting that we DON’T need a wall. The point he’s trying to make is that we need to beef up interior enforcement and be more willing to deport illegals. A wall is a big part of the solution, but there are a lot of illegals who are going to get past it and we need to be able to deal with them effectively as well.

Here’s a little more from his column:

“Our current reluctance to deport those who steal residency is self-defeating. It would be like making car theft illegal, but never requiring that stolen cars be returned. Why not come to America this way? All you have to gain is amnesty.

…Our current illegal immigration fiasco is a direct result of the 1986 amnesty of three million immigration criminals. That one act sent out a message to all the world: get here — sneak in, lie your way in, or break in — but just get here, and we will let you stay. The result has been as predictable as it has been costly. The 1986 amnesty did not solve our illegal immigration problem. It made it four times worse. Even today, just the talk of a second amnesty has caused a huge increase in illegal immigration — as people hear the message loud and clear: we’re not serious about our laws, so why should you be?

We must undo that damage. We must get serious about deporting those who are not here legally. No other action will send the correct message. And no other action will deter other aspiring illegal aliens from trying to sneak in.

When illegal aliens are deported from the interior United States in even moderate numbers — and they begin returning to their cities and villages throughout the world to tell their self-inflicted sob stories — a new message will go out with them: we’re serious now. Wait your turn, fill out your applications, undergo your background checks and behave — because we are not going to tolerate this crap anymore.”

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