Eyes On Iraq by Lorie Byrd

The President has spent a good bit of time the past month setting the record straight on the way we went into Iraq and those efforts appear to be bearing some fruit. There is now a poll showing that 70 percent of Americans believe the criticism of the war by Democratic Senators hurts troop morale and that a majority believe that criticism is politically motivated.

Cindy Sheehan long ago used up her fifteen minutes and is now having trouble drawing crowds.

Saddam Hussein’s trial is now scheduled to begin December 5. That trial is likely to produce more pictures like this one.

On December 15, free Iraqis will be going to the polls to vote for the third time since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

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At least one Hollywood heavyweight is interested in portraying the real situation in Iraq on film.

If conditions continue to improve in Iraq, and the number of trained Iraqi military and police continues to grow, it is likely there will be a reduction of U.S. forces there in the coming year.

Hmm. I know it is still really too early to know for certain what will influence the 2006 elections, but it appears to me that things on the Iraq front are probably right on track.

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