Ezra Levant: one case down, 17 to go

After 900 days, and the work of 15 bureaucrats costing taxpayers an estimated $500,000, the case against the only publisher in the Western world charged for reprinting the Danish Mohammed cartoons has been dismissed.

And Ezra Levant isn’t happy about it:

The 11-page government report into my activities is a breathtakingly arrogant document. In it, Pardeep Gundara, a low-level bureaucrat, assumes the role of editor-in-chief for the entire province of Alberta. He went through our magazine article and gave his own thoughts on the cartoons, and pronounced on our magazine’s decision to publish them. The government’s wannabe journalist makes a spelling error, he gets facts wrong, and he’s obviously not good with deadlines. We’d never have hired him at our magazine. But the laugh is on us — he’s apparently our boss, and the boss of all journalists in Alberta. […]

That is not acceptable to me. I am not interested in Gundara’s views about the cartoons. I’m not interested in learning his personal rules of thumb for when I can or can’t express myself. This is Canada, not Saudi Arabia.

So what happens now?

Levant is feistier than ever, and his enemies are threatening a counterattack.

It’s far from over.

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury.com. Her new book about Canada’s unjust Human Rights Commissions comes out in September.)

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