Face The Truth About The Palestinians

Face The Truth About The Palestinians: The “Roadmap to Murderville” is predictably leading to more dead Israelis. Every time there is another push towards peace, Palestinian terrorists desperately start murdering Israelis in an effort to thwart the process. That’s a given.

But, here’s the obvious truth so many people don’t want to accept — the Palestinians don’t want peace. If they want peace, then why is Abbass not making any sort of effort to stop the terrorists? Why didn’t Arafat ever make the effort when he was fully in charge either? Arafat didn’t try and Abbas hasn’t tried so far, because going after the terrorists isn’t popular with the Palestinian people. Furthermore, just ask yourself — are the terrorists going to be more or less popular after deliberately scuttling the “Roadmap” with these attacks? In the past, terrorist attacks have increased the popularity of the terrorist groups that perpetrated them and I see no reason to think it’ll be any different this time.

Trying to negotiate peace between two parties when one of them wants to continue fighting is a waste of time. Until the Palestinians show that they want peace, we shouldn’t continue pushing this farce of a peace plan. It’s only going to lead to more innocent people dying with absolutely no hope of producing results.

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