Facial Plastic Surgery Is A Slippery Slope…..Literally

After seeing everyone from Joan Rivers to Madonna manage their aging faces, I have come to the conclusion that facial plastic surgery does not work. Well, if your definition of beautiful is a strangely shiny and taught skin and bizarrely jutting cheekbones, it works. Otherwise, it’s just plain freaky.

Madonna was never the most beautiful woman, but she wasn’t ugly. She had an interesting face, nice skin and expressive eyes. But, look at her now. Her face is just…..wrong.

Meanwhile aging gracefully never looked so good. I wonder, though, if she’s had work too or is her beauty just good genetics?

I’m thinking that plastic surgery, especially for the face, is something to avoid.

Men are no better. Ew!

Cross-posted at MelissaClouthier.com

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