FAQS & Advertisers

FAQS & Advertisers: Two things…

1) There are three sets of frequently asked questions I’m looking to work on:

A) An Israel FAQ: Any questions people have about Israel’s history will be discussed. Things like the USS Liberty, Israeli spy rings, & Sabra & Shatila will be covered.

B) An Iraqi War FAQ: This will cover things like aluminum tubes, UAVS, Iraq’s connection to Al-Qaeda. I intend to discuss controversies related to the war on this one.

C) A Bush FAQ: I’m going to talk about Bush’s “cocaine habit”, his going AWOL, and the other myths that the fringe left is trying to keep alive here.

If you have any questions yourself, have heard people making claims that you’re not sure of, have heard lefties saying things that you want to hear addressed, etc, put it in the comments section and I’ll deal with them. The more questions, the better.

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