Fark On The Al-Qaeda Truce Offer To Europe

As most of you may have heard, Bin Laden or someone who sound like him if he was killed deader than Uday Hussein back at Tora Bora in 2001, offered a truce to Europe ” if they pull troops out of Islamic countries”. Fortunately, not even the Spanish or French seem to be buying into it.

However, I wanted to hear what the man on the “cyber-street” thinks about this truce offer. So I went to Fark and read through their truly massive thread on the subject. Because RWN is fair and balanced — like CNN or the New York Times — I’m presenting a few of the most entertaining responses and a handful of posts — unrepresentative of the general sentiment though they may be — from people who were ready to wheel and deal with Al-Qaeda…

Against The Truce

tyguy101aa: “now by truce he means jihad right?”

GSC: “word is Europe is holding out for the extra set of steak knives…”

No Catchy Nickname: “I think Europe should agree to the truce, as long as Bin Laden agrees to come along in person to the signing ceremony. Or even a singing ceremony /go Osama, it’s ya birthday..”

iLEZ: “I for one welcome our new Taliban overlords.”

For The Truce

taranducal: “I wish the entire world would agree to a truce so we can start living our lives. The only way this war will ever end is if we all stop hating each other. We’re all human. The problem isn’t as complicated as it seems.”

Malicious_Intent: “It may be “wussing out,” but for farks sake, swallow your pride and leave, European nations. You have no reason to be there other than to say “I’m tough enough to take some terrorist bombings.” All that is going to do is get your citizens killed, and your tax dollers spent on making your troops suffer in a sweltering, hostile nation.”

JohnnyC: “First off… if you’re too close minded to make an attempt to look at a subject from more then one side, please stop reading this post.

Europe, save yourselves…

The U.S. government has declared war. Regardless of the fact that many Americans were opposed to this war for various reasons, we were unable to stop our leader from sending us into a long and quite possibly unwinable war. I, for one, am sorry I personally couldn’t do more to stop my government from committing acts of war, murder, and terror (I believe the Iraqi people are quite terrified of the U.S. at this point. Our bombs and our other various weapons of war have killed roughly three times the number of people who were killed in the 9/11 attacks on our country. The worst part is that those people we killed didn’t even have anything to do with the attacks on us.

Bin Laden has offered to not kill people from Europe, and all he asks in return is that they stop killing muslims. Sounds pretty fair to me. I would personally not think less of you for backing out of the mess that we have made.

Bin Laden has also said that he will not offer this truce to America, that… unfortunately I also understand. The majority of the people the U.S. has been slaughtering are Iraqi, but many of them are also Muslim. So although they may not be Bin Laden’s countrymen, they are people of his faith. I know that if thousands upon thousands of my people were being slaughtered, I would be equally upset….”

dev1lf1sh: “I dont see the problem with negotiations. By no means does negotiating mean surrendering to terrorists or siding with the terrorists or supporting terrorists. Although it is probable that his intentions are tainted seeking a truce is a step in the right direction and doesn’t do any harm.”

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