Fark Vs. The Iraqi information minister

Fark Vs. The Iraqi information minister

Fark Vs. The Iraqi Information Minister: Here are some of the entertaining comments made by the readers of Fark in response to a claim by the Iraqi information minister that “America is giving out booby-trapped pencils in order to kill Iraqi children”….

D8vo: “it’s not just IRAQI children. Jeeze. They think the world revolves around them.”

Wydok: “That guy was the most entertaining part of this war. He has absolutely no grasp on reality at all.

“The US are giving boobie trapped pencils, and paper, and um, food. Yeah. And if they capture you they will rape your ear holes, defacate on your elbows, skin you, eat you alive, and use your bones to play the drums.”

“Saddam loves you. Hail Saddam!”

Wydok (Later In The Thread): “Future speaches from that nutjob. . .

“The United States military is lying to you all. They are not in Iraq at all. They are playing war games in New Mexico. Those pictures on the TV are fake, like their moon landing was.”

Tomorrow, 5 minutes from capture by US forces:”Iraqi forces have entered the United States and have overflown the government in Washington.”

Amerlyn: “I’ve seen reports over the years of flagrant budget spending and what I deemed to be overcharging for simple items by our great government.

Now I understand. My tax dollars really did go to pencils which cost $1000 a piece. It’s all so clear now…”

InternetSecurityGuard: “If he survives, he has a promising career either as the new Iraqi ambassador to the U.S. or a career in advertizing. It takes a special person to tell such bald faced lies with a straight face.”

Shut……..UP: “I heard he’s already been offered a job at the Daily Mirror.”

Capnpaco: “Does this dude ever sleep? Every time I look at the damn TV he’s up there talking about America’s plans to shoot the sun down out of the sky or whatnot. Can they possibly let the poor dude take a nap and let someone else read the propoganda?”

LesserEvil: “Al-Sahaf also said the Iraqis have “shot down a lot of those cruise missiles” and said war’s impact was “trivial.”

Yeah, ok. They are using those Anti-missile Presidential Palaces to knock those durn things out of the sky.”

…And last but not least, an image from Farker Raleighs…

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