FEC shenanigans

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“I’m very pleased with the vigorous enforcement record the FEC compiled in 2006. The numbers speak for themselves,” FEC Chairman Michael Toner said in an interview. “It means strong confidence the FEC is properly prioritizing the most important cases and willing to pursue them to conclusion.”

Oh really?

Let’ look at those three "settlements" from the FEC’s website

League of Conservation Voters 527 and 527II — $180,000 
MoveOn.org Voter Fund — $ 150,000 
Swiftboat Veterans and POWs for Truth — $ 299,500 

Of course the two noteworthy ones are the Swift Vets and MoveOn.org. The SwiftVets attempted to correct John Kerry’s lies regarding his service in Vietnam. I donated to them myself. MoveOne.org was founded to encourage the nation to ignore Bill Clinton’s peccadilloes and crimes, and continued, apparently, to incessantly harp about any and every imaginary fault George W Bush has ever been accused of. 

The purpose of these campaign financing laws is to prevent what happened in 1968 and 1972 when W. Clement Stone donated $6 million to Richard Nixon’s campaigns. The Democrats, in their child-like naiveté, assumed that only filthy rich people supported the GOP and that the average, working citizen supported them. (in other words they made the mistake of believing their own lies). 

So when the FCC "fines" or "settles" with MoveOn.org, backed by billionaire George Soros, for a measly $150,000 it’s in effect telling them that the price of skirting the law, is to pay them some pocket change.

It is interesting that while SwiftVets raised $22.5 million and MoveOn.org raise $21.3 million during the 2004 election season, the Swift Vets "settlement" is twice what the supposedly "unbiased" FEC demanded from MoveOn.org.

But then the whole thing was a scam from the start.

The FEC knew darn well that the law was vague, and Democrats and Liberals always go by what they assume they can twist the law to mean, rather than what it obviously was intended to mean.  That gave them a head start. The Swift Vets had to decide whether to cripple themselves by applying the strict interpretation of the law, or do what the Liberals were doing, and face whatever consequences came later. In the end the consequences were (as should have been predicted) minimal, since the Liberals would have to face the same (well, at least half the same) consequences, the FEC couldn’t get too tough on their Liberal buddies.

Campaign finance laws are a farce to begin with. Crooks like Soros will always find a way to get around the law, and funnel money to whatever politicians or issues they want to fund. 

W. Clement Stone died in 2002. Isn’t it time to give his ghost a rest, and just file away these idiot campaign laws as failed exercises in meaningless symbolism, and get back to more honest campaigns. 

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