Fighting Against Hydrocephalus to Save My Son!

HydroWALK 2008
“The Fight To Save Cole”

It’s that time of the year again as we all come together to raise money and awareness to find a cure for Hydrocephalus and help save my now 3 year old son Cole, and others like him, from this potentially fatal condition.

Last year, with your help, the New Jersey HydroWALK ALONE raised over $55,000 and nationally, over $500,000, was raised in total.

Hydrocephalus is commonly referred to as “water on the brain” and you can read more about the condition here. Many of you have read about and asked about Cole over the time I have been honored to be guest-blogging here.

This past January, I spoke at the Family Research Council’s “Blogs For Life” Conference about Cole’s story and Hydrocephalus and also appeared on Comcast Newsmaker Show in May.

This year, the walk takes place on Sunday, September 7th and we need your help again. Please click here and donate whatever you can to help us in this fight against Hydrocephalus.

Every 136 minutes, a new baby is born with Hydrocephalus, and yet very few have even heard of Hydrocephalus and no significant advancement in treatment has been made in OVER 50 years!

Cole just turned 3 last week, and also just started to walk in March. He has made remarkable progress over the 3 years; facing over 10 brain surgeries in total so far. Cole actually starts school on September 3rd, (shoot me now!!), and we are sure that will help in his continued improvement.

Even if you aren’t able to donate, please add Cole to your prayers.

Thank you again for your generosity, your emails and your prayers.

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