Fighting The Good Fight On The Drug War

My last column over at Human Events, In Defense of the Drug War, apparently struck a nerve with the pothead Libertarian crowd.

Several Libertarian blogs posted on it and today, there’s even an entire column written in response to it over at LewRockwell.

I’ve thought about whether to respond to these responses or not and honestly, I’m not sure it’s worth the time. I tend to think that most people just hear that they want to put marijuana, crack, and heroin on sale at the local ABC store, roll their eyes, mumble something about crazy Libertarians, and go on with their day.

On the other hand, I could be missing out on an important argument to have here. So, here’s something different: a question for RWN’s readers. Do you think I should dig a little deeper into this topic? Maybe write a column specific to marijuana and a few more posts– or is the one column enough?

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