Five Things Other Conservative Websites Do That Annoy Me

Here are five things other conservative websites do that just annoy the hell out of me. There aren’t necessarily a lot of websites that do this stuff, but coming across things like this on websites that I like is like finding a fly in my soup. The things I’m going to mention here are not aimed at any particular website & of course are just my personal opinion. Here we go…

Anti-Muslim Sentiment: I’m not sure why some people feel compelled to lump every Muslim on the planet in with the psychopaths who want to kill us and their supporters, but it gets old, fast — particularly when it’s peppered with phrases like “camel jockey” & “towel head”.

Clinton Hatred: Clinton was a dishonest third rate President who doesn’t even have enough class & respect for the office to stop trying to undercut his replacement. But you know what? Clinton is not one of the worst figures of the 20th century, he’s not one of the worst figures in American history, he’s just another mediocre President who doesn’t merit the Stalinesque level of loathing he gins up amongst many people on the right.

Conspiracy Theories: Whether they come from the right or the left, conspiracy theories bug me because they generally involve huge leaps of faith based on not much more than, “I wouldn’t put anything past those guys”. Treating conspiracy theorists like anything other than quacks who are almost always wrong diminishes your credibility because conspiracy theorists ARE quacks who are almost always wrong.

Dancing On The Graves Of Your Foes: There is something base and classless about celebrating the death of your political enemies. I mean can understand being happy that an enemy of your country has died, but getting all jazzed up because someone who disagreed with you over policy issues has kicked the bucket is unseemly and speaks poorly of your character in my opinion. At least let the family have time to get the body in the ground before you start going into a long spiel about how happy it makes you that they’re dead.

Over-Use Of Nicknames For Your Political Enemies: It’s OK to occasionally use a little play on words to mock your opponents, but it’s so third grade to incessantly refer to someone or some group by a demeaning nickname. HA! HA! I called the Democrats, “Democraps,” & Hillary, “Hitlery,” fear my rapier like wit!!! Again, I can live with this in small doses or if you’re making a particular point, but keep in mind that it sounds juvenile to do it over and over again.

Again let me repeat that this just my personal opinion and that it is not aimed at any particular website…

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