Flushing America At The California DOJ

Democrats always get huffy and offended when people question their patriotism. Yet, whenever someone trashes America you’ll always find Democrats up to their armpits in the refuse. For example, take a look at this piece of “art” that, believe it or not, is now sitting in the “cafeteria of the state Department of Justice” in California:

The country and our flag being flushed down a toilet is certainly not something a person who loved this country would paint or hang up in a public place. Setting that aside it’s not even a very good painting. But, it slams Bush and America and that’s good enough for Democrats.

Still, if somebody wanted to hang this piece of tripe in a private art museum, that’s his right and his business. But, when this sort of “art” gets hung in a public building, it’s everybody’s business and as per usual, it’s Republicans who’re unhappy and Democrats who’re rallying against the flag:

“A painting of the United States sinking into a toilet now on display in the cafeteria of the state Department of Justice has raised the ire of the state Republican Party, which is demanding that Attorney General Bill Lockyer remove the image.

The painting — part of an exhibit of more than 30 works by lawyer artists and pieces with overt legal themes — has an American flag-painted continental United States heading into a toilet. Next to it are the words: “T’anks to Mr. Bush.”

The artist, Stephen Pearcy, a Berkeley lawyer with a house in Sacramento, won earlier notoriety for hanging an effigy of an American soldier on the outside of his home here with a sign saying “Bush lied, I died.” Angry residents tore the effigies down.

“I don’t know why we need to tolerate the cheap artwork of a gadfly with a world view that is so offensive to a majority of the people,” said Karen Hanretty, a spokeswoman for the California Republican Party.

…Although the debate centers on the appropriateness of art in public places, the exhibit was neither commissioned by Lockyer, nor did he participate in selecting the pieces, and no public funds were spent on the show.

…The art displayed in the first floor cafeteria at the Department of Justice on I Street includes paintings, sculptures and photographs and runs the gamut from a copy of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” to Blind Justice cowering in a prison cell with red paint splashed across the frame, apparently to symbolize blood.

…The exhibit’s curator, Chuck Miller, said the Pearcy piece was not included in the collection to antagonize any, including the Republican Party.

“In the context of the show and what it’s about, the painting is perfectly alright,” he said. “… It’s just one point of view.”

Hanretty countered that Lockyer, a Democrat and staunch supporter of free speech, would not have allowed art to be displayed that gays or lesbians found offensive or promoted violence toward women.

Pearcy’s painting is in a second, smaller room at the far end of the cafeteria and is only visible by diners sitting in that room.

To the right of Pearcy is a poster with a dove above the head of a Palestinian peering grimly from behind barbed wire. Across the top are the words: “Palestine — Stop U.S. Financed Genocide in the Middle East.”

Pearcy could not be reached for comment Tuesday, but in a statement that accompanies the exhibit he said he had made the painting on July 4, 2003, to “show the direction this country was (and still is) headed under the Bush administration.” The painting also “confronted the absurd display of ‘fanatical patriotism’ following 9/11,” he said.”

Oh, yeah, look out for that ‘fanatical patriotism.’ There’s nothing more disturbing than people who actually love their country…well, to some Democrats anyway.

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