Flypaper for French Terrorists

“This is the meaning of Mr. Bush’s “bring ’em on” taunt from the Roosevelt Room on Wednesday, when he was quizzed about the “growing threat to U.S. forces” on the ground in Iraq. It should have been obvious that no U.S. President actually relishes having his soldiers take casualties. What the media, and U.S. Democrats affect not to grasp, is that the soldiers are now replacing targets that otherwise would be provided by defenceless civilians, both in Iraq and at large. The sore thumb of the U.S. occupation — and it is a sore thumb equally to Baathists and Islamists, compelling their response — is not a mistake. It is carefully hung flypaper.” — David Warren

From Newsmax,

“Terrorists battling U.S. troops in places like Fallujah, Mosul and Ramadi include Abu Musab al Zarqawi’s mass murderers, holdouts from Saddam’s Baathist regime, Iranian sympathizers – and a handful of French nationals.

“Authorities estimate that around a dozen Frenchmen of North African or Arab background have traveled to Iraq to join the insurgency,” reports the BBC.”

Now if we have radical French Islamists who want to hurt Americans, where are we better off taking them on? In the streets of Mosul or Falluajah, where they’ll be fighting the best soldiers ever to walk the earth? Or would we rather have them walking around in New York, LA, Chicago, or Dallas, looking at landmarks, theaters, and daycare centers, deciding at their leisure where to attack?

The more of these terrorists who die in Iraq, the less of them that will live to make it to an American office building, theater, or daycare center…

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