Follow-Up: Liberal Peace Protestor Who Assaulted Female Conservative Blogger Up On Charges

Skye Back in late March, I mentioned that my buddy Skye from Midnight Blue was gratuitously assaulted by a “peace” protester.

“More chillingly, last weekend a man attending a Chester County Peace Movement (CCPM) peace vigil in West Chester, Pennsylvania, assaulted a citizen journalist and blogger. At 12:10 PM, blogger “Skye” was videotaping an exchange between opposing groups. As the conversation gets both animated and heated, she shifts her filming position to capture all parties involved. The shot is abruptly cut when a fist flies at her face, she is slapped and the camera is jammed into her face. Not satisfied by the first blow, he strikes her a second time.

Nearby police intervened and the party involved was quickly pointed out by the victim and witnesses. The officer requested the suspect’s cooperation in the investigation. During his “refusal”, this lover of peace took his physical abuse past shoving a woman and shoved the officer. He was rewarded with handcuffs and removal.”

Here’s the video again — try not to throw anything at the screen when the liberal thug attacks Skye.

Well, last night Skye IM’d me to let me know that charges have been filed in the case,

Meicht, 62, of West Chester, was charged with Simple Assault, Resisting Arrest, REAP, Disorderly Conduct, and Harassment. A prelim in his case is scheduled for Friday at 15-1-04 (15-1-04, CR-0000101-08). It’s not entirely clear as to why both cases were filed in different courts, though at least Meicht will be in front of a judge who is probably sympathetic to his cause…

Personally, I’m rooting for the guy to go to the slammer, but the “judge who is probably sympathetic to his cause” part doesn’t give me a lot of confidence that justice will prevail.

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