For The Left, Your Skin Color Determines Your Politics

Since I touched on how the left treats minorities who dare to stray from the liberal line in my last post, I thought it might be a good time to show you this cartoon that I ran across a while back at the The Black Commentator

See Condi USED to be black. But the moment she became identified with conservatism, she became white in their eyes. That’s because when it comes to minorities in general and blacks in particular, the left acts as if political views are transmitted genetically. If Condi Rice (who is pro-Affirmative Action despite what the cartoon implies) sounded like Ted Kennedy, reflexively opposed everything Republicans support, and referred to Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton as her “leader,” her blackness would never be in question. But since she’s going her own way and not following the Democratic Party line, she’s an “oreo,” a “race traitor,” and someone who deserves to be racially vilified.

Condi, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Armstrong Williams, Larry Elder, Jesse Lee Peterson, Walter Williams, Alan Keyes, Deroy Murdock, J.C. Watts and other black conservatives are a threat to the left. That’s because they became popular and well liked in the conservative movement based on merit, not based on race. Their success is a continuing threat to the left, because it exposes the smears that liberals regularly hurl at conservatives on race for the lies that they are. That’s why the left is willing to go to such lengths to try to discredit people like Condi & Colin Powell. Because the example that they provide is dangerous to the liberal stranglehold on the black vote and therefore to the left’s political agenda….

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