Format Break: A Glimmer Of Hope On Illegal Immigration

It looks like the game’s not over in the Senate, folks!

“Democrats and Republicans blamed each other Friday for problems stalling the progress of an immigration bill that would let millions of illegal immigrants remain in the U.S.

Votes were scheduled to break the logjam, but both supporters and opponents of the bill said that’s not likely to occur until Congress returns from a two-week spring recess, if then.

“It’s not gone forward because there’s a political advantage for Democrats not to have an immigration bill,” said Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa.

He said Democrats perceive a benefit in having only a GOP-written House bill that criminalizes being an illegal immigrant. That bill has prompted massive protests across the country, including a march by 500,000 people in Los Angeles last month.

Democrats blamed Republicans for insisting on amendments that would weaken a compromise that Senate leaders in both parties had celebrated Thursday.

“This opportunity is slipping through our hands like grains of sand,” said assistant Senate Democratic leader Dick Durbin of Illinois.”

Know what I think happened? They probably had just enough Republican votes for the compromise to go through yesterday. However, the response to that news from the blogosphere, talk radio, and even some House Republicans yesterday was so acidic and brutal that a few Republicans got cold feet and decided to go the other way. Once the bill couldn’t pass, all the Republicans then decided to vote in a block against it.

Is that what really happened? It’s impossible to say at this point. But, after these legislators go home and get an earful from their constituents and they have another couple of big rallies featuring illegal aliens in the streets waving Mexican flags and telling Americans what to do in Spanish, it’ll be even tougher to push an amnesty bill through the Senate.

Cross your fingers, folks, because the GOP in the Senate may have just stepped back from the brink of electoral suicide in November.

*** Update #1 ***:

Senate leaders on Thursday announced a bipartisan compromise on an overhaul of U.S. immigration laws, giving some illegal immigrants a path to citizenship and creating a temporary worker program.

“I think we’re looking like we may be able to dance this afternoon,” Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada told reporters.

So sorry, Harry, but I think you might have to leave those dancing shoes in the closet:

The Senate sidetracked sweeping immigration legislation Friday, leaving in doubt prospects for passing a bill offering the hope of citizenship to millions of men, women and children living in the United States illegally.

A carefully crafted compromise that supporters had claimed could win an overwhelming majority received only 38 of the 60 votes necessary to protect it from weakening amendments by opponents.

Republicans were united in the 38-60 parliamentary vote but Democrats, who have insisted on no amendments, lost six votes from their members.”

It’s not good news that the Senators have not done their duty and gotten our borders secured, but the fact that the amnesty bill went down in flames is good news for America.

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