Format Break: John Murtha Calls For A Draft. Where Are The Republicans?

John Murtha has called for a draft,

Now, my question is: where are the Republicans? Why don’t we have President Bush, the House leadership, and the Senate leadership all holding a huge press conference together and pledging to fight the Democratic draft plan?

Murtha isn’t some kook from Move-On, he’s one of the most prominent Democrats in the House. He was Nancy Pelosi’s choice to be the Democratic Whip. Yet, he’s openly backing an incredibly unpopular policy that is almost universally opposed by the Republican Party and yet, when you listen for the Republican response all you hear are crickets chirping.

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William Jefferson is on the Homeland Security Commission, Diane Feinstein has been funneling taxpayer money to her bank account through her husband’s companies, John Murtha is calling for a draft — and the GOP has nothing much to say about it.

What are the Republicans in DC, neutered? You’ve got 49 Republican senators and 202 Republican congressmen, yet, as far I can tell, excuse my French, there isn’t one set of cahones between all of them put together.

Hat tip to Redstate for the story.

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