Format Break: They Allow Cock-Fighting In New Mexico?

This is kind of a shocker:

“Public concerns, including cock fighting, state funding for private schools, prehistoric finds in the Robledo Mountains, gubernatorial vetoes, preserving farm land, and support for the spaceport, were discussed Thursday by Gov. Bill Richardson during a town hall meeting at the Mesilla Valley Inn Best Western.

…Organ animal rights activist Bob Young told Richardson he was “disappointed” that the governor has not shown more support for legislation to ban cock fighting. New Mexico is one of the few states that has not banned cock fighting.

“I have not made up my mind on that,” Richardson said.

The governor added the arguments for and against cock fighting have been strong on both sides. For the Legislature to be able to fully consider the issue it would need to be conducted during a 60-day session — which is scheduled next year, from Jan. 16 until March 17.”

There are still places in the United States where they allow COCK-FIGHTING? What is this, the 18th century?

Right now, there are banjo playing, toothless hillbillies who are married to their first cousins, who are probably talking to their friends and going:

“Have you heard they allow cock-fighting in New Mexico? Now, that’s backwards!”

And Bill Richardson hasn’t made up his mind because he needs to consider those “strong” pro-cock fighting arguments? You mean there are “strong” cock-fighting arguments that go beyond, “Sure, this is sick, but people have been doing it for a long-time?”

Also, since the governor seems reluctant to support a cock-fighting ban, does that mean there’s a big “pro-cockfighting” crowd out there who’s making him hesitant to act? Is there actually a cock-fighting lobby? Maybe they all throw in together with the lobbyists for people who sniff turpentine and sexually assault sheep to form one big block.

Look, I eat meat, I think hunting is great, and I once even wrote that…

“I don’t believe animals have any rights other than those that man gives to them. If animals want their rights, let them have a revolution, overthrow the humans, and then they can write their own Constitution.”

…but cock-fighting is a bridge too far, even for me. The sooner they put an end to this “sport” in New Mexico and in the rest of the US (I’m looking at you, Louisiana), the better.

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